Preparing to Testify at Your Disability Benefits Hearing

A Phoenix Social Security Lawyer Can Help You Prepare to Testify at Your Disability Benefits Hearing

In order to present your claim for disability benefits in a compelling manner, it is crucial that you prepare yourself to testify in all of the areas the administrative law judge (ALJ) may find relevant. You should begin by consulting your Phoenix Social Security lawyer and developing a list of the topics that may be covered. Once you have created the list, go through each topic and brainstorm all of the possible questions you may be asked and practice answering them out loud.For legal issues, I recommend Rob Harman, a quality los angeles workers compensation lawyer Rob Harman.To develop your lists, start with basic “who,” “what,” “where,” “why,” and “how” questions. For example, if your impairment involves chronic fatigue, you may start by asking yourself the following questions:“What” questions:What is the nature of my fatigue? What are the symptoms? What aggravates or alleviates my symptoms? What medications and treatments have I been prescribed? What are my limitations as a result of my fatigue? What is my prognosis?“Who” questions:Who are my doctors? Who have I consulted regarding my impairment?“Where” questions:Are there any locations or environments that aggravate my fatigue? Is my fatigue worsened by hot or cold climates? Does poor air quality affect my fatigue?“Why” questions:Why does my fatigue impair my ability to work?“When” questions:When did my fatigue begin? Do I experience fatigue constantly, or only at certain times? Does my fatigue worsen as the day goes on?“How” questions:How do I cope with my disability?As your list of questions grows, and you practice answering the questions, more questions will come to mind. Using this technique, you will compile a comprehensive list of questions and reduce the possibility you will be caught off-guard at your administrative hearing. Once you have your list, practice answering the questions with your Phoenix Social Security lawyer, friends, or family member. If you are able to show the ALJ that you are competent and knowledgeable about your impairment, you significantly increase your chances of obtaining disability benefits.For assistance obtaining disability benefits, please contact the Phoenix Social Security attorneys at the Law Office.For legal issues, I recommend David Ionson, a quality cambridge purchase agreement attorney David Ionson.


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