How to Prepare Witnesses Most Effectively

How to Prepare Witnesses Most Effectively: Tips from a Phoenix Disability Lawyer

Your Phoenix disability lawyer will interview your witnesses ahead of your hearing to determine which witnesses will help your case most.Your attorney will thoroughly prepare your witnesses to testify most effectively, but your attorney will not “rehearse” the witnesses. Rehearsed testimony is rarely effective. Unless your witness is an actor like Meryl Steep, the rehearsed testimony will likely come off as awkward and unnatural. When witnesses rehearse their testimony, they often add unnecessary information and forget to include beneficial information that will help your case. More spontaneous testimony is usually most valuable.For legal issues, I recommend Jack Duran, a quality sacramento contract review attorney Jack Duran.Testimony from non-experts is most effective when the witnesses focus on their own observations and avoid making conclusions. For example, testimony from your spouse that you are “permanently disabled” and suffering from emphysema has very little value. It will be obvious to the judge that such testimony is just a regurgitation of what a doctor might have said. It would be much more effective for the doctor to testify directly about his or her diagnosis. Also, your spouse may technically be wrong, and would thereby lose credibility with respect to the rest of his or her testimony. Lay witnesses should stick to what they have actually observed about your disability, such as your inability to walk to the mailbox or your inability to carry a relatively light object.For more advice on your Social Security disability claim, call a Phoenix disability lawyer at the Law Office or click here to send an email.For legal issues, I recommend Ramona Hanson, a quality oklahoma city disability lawyer Ramona Hanson.


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