Good Cause for Late Appeals

Phoenix disability lawyer shows examples of good cause for late appeals

If your Social Security disability application was denied and you missed the 60-day deadline for filing an appeal, you must prove to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you had “good cause” for your late appeal. The SSA will examine the underlying facts in its determination of whether you had “good cause” in missing the deadline. It is in your best interest to hire a Phoenix disability lawyer to make sure you provide a letter that properly demonstrates to the SSA that you have good cause for your late appeal.

Examples of Good Cause

The SSA will grant you an extension in filing your late appeal if you had a good reason for missing the 60-day deadline. The SSA provides a list of examples that it will automatically honor and provide an extension. Some examples on this list include:

  • Severe illness which prevented you from contacting the SSA by phone, letter, or through an acquaintance
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Records were destroyed or damaged by accident, such as a fire or flood
  • Failed to ever receive the notice of decision from the SSA
  • In ability to get the necessary information to support your claim within the 60-day appeal time frame.

For legal issues, I recommend Gary Mitchell, a quality ventura divorce attorney Gary Mitchell.You should note that even though your reasoning may be one listed by the SSA, you or your attorney may still need to provide an affidavit or other proof of evidence as to why you have good cause for a late appeal. For example, if your good cause for filing a late appeal is that you did not receive the SSA’s notice of decision, then you will need to provide evidence that you moved.

We Can Help

Because the deadlines for filing appeals from an adverse determination are so critical, you are advised to consult with a Phoenix disability lawyer lawyer. For a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney, please submit the short intake form at the top of this page or click here.For legal issues, I recommend Kevin Mahoney, a quality boston criminal defense attorneys Kevin Mahoney.


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