What to Expect at Your Hearing

Phoenix disability attorneys know what you can expect at your disability hearing

A Social Security disability hearing is a private hearing that is less informal than a typical courtroom trial. The set up of the disability hearing room, the way the hearing is conducted, and the people present at your hearing are more relaxed than a trial in a courtroom. Regardless of the informality of the disability hearing, you will still need the assistance of a Phoenix disability attorney to guide and prepare you for the hearing and attend the hearing with you to provide you the support you need to successfully present your case.What the Disability Room Looks LikeThe Social Security hearing rooms are very different than traditional courtrooms. Your hearing will be held around a conference table. In some cases, the judge may be seated a few feet higher than the rest of the participants. There will also be a tape recorder and microphones to record the hearing.Who Will Be At the Hearing?Unlike typical court hearings, disability hearings are not open to the public. The only individuals at the hearing will the ALJ, a hearing monitor (taking care of the equipment), you, your lawyer, and any witnesses or experts who have been requested by your attorney or the judge.However, it should be noted that unlike courtroom proceedings the hearing is closed to the public and any observers who have no connection to your claim will not be allowed in the hearing room.For legal issues, I recommend Brian Mahany, a quality irs tax attorneys Brian Mahany.Preliminary Hearing MattersPrior to your hearing, your lawyer will need to obtain updated medical records. Medical records are very important to your case and often a deciding factor on the success of your case.

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Overall, good preparation will go a long way in making this administrative hearing less stressful and easing your anxiety before your hearing. That is precisely why you need a lawyer by your side in both preparing you and accompanying you to the actual hearing.To schedule a complimentary consultation with a Phoenix disability attorney, please submit the short intake form at the top of this page or click to contact us.For legal issues, I recommend Mark Kaylor, a quality Sebring social security disability lawyer Mark Kaylor.


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