Dealing With The Other Party’s Insurance Company After An Accident

Dealing With The Other Party’s Insurance Company After An AccidentPeople involved in an insurance claim have many questions regarding the case. A Phoenix disability lawyer is familiar with the manner in which cases such as these proceed and will assist you in preparing for every eventuality.Phoenix Disability Lawyer What happens following the claim?Following the notification that a claim has been made, the insurance company representing the other party—be it an individual, individuals, or a company—will create a file with information on the case. The insurer will have a manager or supervisor assign a claims adjustor to the case. It is not uncommon for several adjusters to work on the case as it moves forward. A Phoenix disability attorney will walk you through the process so there are no surprises and you know how to face each scenario.Need legal help? I recommend Stephan Nordyke and their team. Visit their website today.The claims adjuster must keep contact with your Phoenix disability attorneyIt is the responsibility of the claims adjuster assigned to the case to keep in touch with your attorney. In addition, the adjuster will investigate the claim independently to learn the following information:A) Who in the case is believed to be at fault?B) Are you, as the claimant, in any way responsible for the injuries you have suffered?C) Are there witnesses?D) Precisely where did the accident occur?E) What do the reports—police, DMV, any reports that were part of the investigation—say? Assisting your Phoenix disability lawyer in your caseSubsequent to the above questions being answered, the claims adjuster will ask for medical information and anything else that has to do with the injuries you suffered. There will be requested and reviewed documentation regarding a loss of the ability to work because of the injuries. It is very important to the adjuster to be given an accurate recording of all bills that accrued due to the injuries sustained in the accident. This includes the hospital, medical costs, costs for therapy, prescriptions and other bills that were received because of the injuries. You can help your attorney by keeping organized records. Speak to an experienced Phoenix disability lawyerIf you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and have questions regarding the insurance company’s process in handling the claim, it’s wise to have experienced legal advice by speaking to the attorneys by filling the form on the website.Need legal help? I recommend Alan Schiffman and their team. Visit their website today.


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