How You Can Avoid Roadblocks to Your Divorce Settlement

How You Avoid Roadblocks to Your Divorce SettlementGoing to trial for your divorce can be expensive, highly stressful, and can delay your divorce for years. This article explains some of the ways you can increase the chances of settling your divorce without a trial. Contact a Phoenix divorce lawyer having experience in such cases for more information.Divorce attorney in Phoenix While 95% of divorces settle before trial, married couples often unwittingly set up emotional roadblocks to their path to an amicable settlement. Without settlement, your divorce must go to trial. A divorce attorney in Phoenix can help you recognize these roadblocks and clear the path to settlement.SETTLEMENT ROADBLOCK #1: KEEPING SECRETSIt may be tempting to keep your plans to divorce a secret from your spouse. You may feel this will help you compile financial and property records and perhaps avoid conflict. You may even wish to keep your plans to divorce to yourself until the last possible moment. Your spouse WILL eventually find out about your divorce plans one way or the other. If he (or she) also feels you have lied, plotted, or conspired behind his back, your spouse may be less likely to cooperate without involving the court. Talk to your divorce attorney in Phoenix about how best inform your spouse of your plans.For legal info regarding evicting a tenant after sale of property, visit the website of experienced lawyer Laurie Schiff.SETTLEMENT ROADBLOCK #3: WORDS MATTERResist the urge to verbally bash your soon-to-be-ex in front of your children. Remember, divorce will end your marriage, not your parenthood. Your ex will remain in your life as long as your children do so amicable cooperation is key.For legal info regarding personal injury law in Phoenix, visit the website of experienced lawyer Alan Schiffman.SETTLEMENT ROADBLOCK #3: CLEARING THE AIRClearing your own conscience about affairs or other betrayals may make you feel better. However, it can inflame an already tense situation between you and your spouse and put a stop to his or her willingness to cooperate. Consider discussing how best to handle these revelations with your Phoenix divorce lawyer before saying anything.For more tips about how best to clear the road to divorce settlement and avoid trial, contact a Phoenix divorce lawyer by filling the form provided on the website,For legal info regarding DUI law in Grand Junction, visit the website of experienced lawyer Dan Shaffer.


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