Aggravated Assault Cross-Exam Questions

Aggravated Assault Cross-Exam QuestionsPhoenix criminal defense attorney explains questions in aggravated assault caseHow can my Phoenix criminal defense lawyer help?If you have been accused of causing serious bodily harm to another person, there is perhaps much your Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can do to assist you. During the initial hearing, when the victim has already responded to primary questions on the stand, your Phoenix criminal defense attorney will have the opportunity to question this person also. If your attorney can show that the victim was not badly hurt, it could mean a lesser charge (simple, rather than aggravated assault) or a lower bail amount. Phoenix Criminal Defense AttorneyWhat questions might my Phoenix criminal defense lawyer ask?The type of questions asked will vary with the specifics of the incident. Here are some examples:Looking for information about family law in McHenry? Visit the website of attorney Michael Stetler today.• After the defendant shoved you and you fell, your back began to hurt, is that right?• Did you rise up by yourself?• Did anyone help you?• Who called for paramedics?• Were you instructed to call?• You felt that an ambulance was unnecessary?• What medications or procedures did the paramedics give you or do for you?• Where did you go?• What length of time did you spend in the hospital?• What was the Emergency Room doctor’s diagnosis?• Did the doctor give you any prescriptions or recommend any additional procedures, visits or actions?• Were you told by the ER physicians or nursing staff to limit your daily routines? Was it written down? Is it with you?• You stayed home from your job the following day, or did you return to your job?• For what length of time were you at home?• Were any physicians’ statements required by your employer?• What did you give to your employer?• Who gave it to you?• Did it come from your follow-up physician?• What is his field?• Were you referred to that chiropractor?• Where is he located?• When are your visits to him?• What does he do for you?• What transportation do you use to go to see him?• Did someone take you there?• Can you do your own housekeeping and food preparation at home?• Are you able to pick things up?• Can you have active fun with your children?• Do you work out at all? What do you do and on what schedule? Are you able to do exercises similar to what you did before your injury?• Do you have any in-home assistance?• Are you taking any prescribed medicines? If so, what?• What kinds of limits did the chiropractor tell you to observe with your daily routines? Are they written down? Are they with you now?• Was your chiropractic treatment covered by your health insurance?Looking for information about criminal law in Pittsburgh? Visit the website of attorney Doug Sughrue today.Contact your Phoenix criminal defense lawyer todayIf you are facing a charge of aggravated assault, don’t wait. Contact a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer and get the help you need.Looking for information about minor personal injury cases? Visit the website of attorney George Tait today.


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